Maria R Kovacs
Pushing the Envelope
Where are the Cod?Pushing the Envelope
Cod detailPushing the Envelope
Requiem for Illegally Harvested MossPushing the Envelope
Moss detailPushing the Envelope
Pattern of ClearingPushing the Envelope
Pattern of Clearing (detail)Pushing the Envelope
No Blue/ No GreenPushing the Envelope
No Blue/ No Green (detail)
Pushing the Envelope
In this series of work, Pushing the Envelope, my focus is the human impact we have on our surroundings. Large environmental altering events, such as the destruction of cod fishing to New England, micro harvesting of moss and the ensuing cost to the natural world, and the method of tree cutting using multiple, land slashing logging roads, are the subjects of this work. In addition, water quality, our blue environment is necessary for our green environment. I use a business envelope format to communicate how corporate use of resources for profit is at odds with our stewardship of the environment. The interior patterning of the tapestries and embroidery, as in the security patterns in business envelopes, enforces how profit patterns our relationship to resources.